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Overview: About the QI Project Registry


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Note: The data elements for the QI Project Registry are informed by and modified from the SQUIRE 2.0 Guidelines (Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence: revised publication guidelines form a detailed consensus Process. Ogrinc G, Davies, L, Goodman D, et. al. BMJ Qual Saf 2016; 25:986-992. Doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2015-004411).

What is the QI Project Registry?

Designed and operated by the Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (I-QIPS) at Baylor College of Medicine, the QI Project Registry is a web-based application designed to help health professionals across the College and its affiliated institutions to:

  • DEVELOP and PUBLICIZE their improvement projects. Through the QI Project Registry, users are prompted to follow a streamlined and systematic approach, using QI methodologies, to manage and track their projects through its project lifecycle. To do so, a project must first be registered (added) to the QI Project Registry. Users (and other associated team members) may access their registered projects to view, update, and track progress via provided prompts.
  • DISCOVER and PARTICIPATE IN other registered improvement projects. Within the QI Project Registry, users are able to view a list of all registered projects by name, along with limited project details. Any projects accepting additional team members are flagged accordingly and interested users may submit a request to participate in those projects.
  • EARN MOC PART IV CREDIT for those registered improvement projects in which they are actively engaged. An exciting and upcoming feature of the QI Project Registry allows eligible physician users to submit (through the QI Registry) an application for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) credit consideration from participating board(s) for their registered improvement project. More information provided below.

Who Can Use the QI Project Registry?

The QI Project Registry is open to all members of the Baylor College of Medicine community, including those associated with BCM-affiliated institutions (faculty, staff, trainees).

Note: The QI Project Registry is available now to interested users. The development of additional components and features is ongoing, and the information provided in the User Guide will be updated as new features and improvements are added.

Want to Earn MOC Part IV Credit for Registered QI Projects?

Baylor College of Medicine is working with the American Board of Medical Specialties Portfolio Program™ (ABMS Portfolio Program) to sponsor activities that promote the quality and safety improvement aims across the College and its affiliated institutions, while also helping physicians earn maintenance of certification (MOC) credit from participating ABMS Member Boards. More specifically, with the College's awarded recognition as an ABMS Portfolio Program Sponsor, the I-QIPS manages all Sponsor-related activities in assisting eligible BCM and affiliated physicians in their efforts to earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) credit for approved improvement projects in which they are actively leading or participating.

As such, an upcoming feature of the QI Project Registry allows “eligible” physician users (those who demonstrate “meaningful participation” in approved projects) to submit their registered and “approved” projects (those that meet ABMS Standards and Guidelines and align with BCM institutional priorities) through the QI Project Registry for MOC Part IV credit consideration.

The standardized process prescribed throughout the QI Project Registry (including project feedback loops provided by designated I-QIPS QI Coaches) is designed to help ensure that all registered projects are conducted in alignment with ABMS Standards and Guidelines. Further, with the steps of the QI Project Registry interface informed by these Standards and Guidelines and ultimately integrated into a streamlined process (as prompted by the required fields/data elements of the Registry itself), physician users are able to prepare, conduct, and track their projects in such a way that, upon project completion, the projects should be near-ready for MOC Part IV credit submission.

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