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Improvement Portfolio

For the purpose of promotion and tenure, the Healthcare Improvement Portfolio captures an individual's impact in quality improvement, patient safety, implementation, and innovation. By design, it covers the breadth of interprofessional healthcare improvement efforts (i.e., projects, leadership, education, scholarship) to facilitate the documentation of a healthcare professional's full scope of contributions to and impact in healthcare improvement.

The Healthcare Improvement Portfolio is a product of a national consensus process described in a manuscript that is soon to be published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Academic Medicine.

For questions, please contact: Kyler Godwin, PhD

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Template - Healthcare Improvement Portfolio

[Download Portfolio Template (modifiable version)]

Designed as a ready-to-use, modifiable template, the Healthcare Improvement Portfolio should be tailored to the healthcare professional's specific area of expertise. As shown below, the sections of the improvement portfolio help to facilitate a structured, but customizable, process for capturing or presenting the full (breadth and depth) impact of an individual's contributions to healthcare improvement. How-to examples for documenting and describing impact are provided in each section.

Note: When using the modifiable version of the Portfolio Template (download link provided above), all customizable sections of the template are denoted by yellow highlighting, which will not be visible when the document is printed or converted to Adobe PDF format.

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Example - Completed Healthcare Improvement Portfolio

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