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Overview: Filling the Need for QI Trained Professionals

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The Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report, To Err is Human, attributed medical errors to 98,000 preventable deaths annually in U.S. hospitals; recent analysis estimates over 210,000 preventable deaths. As a result, emphasis has been placed on education to promote patient safety and quality care. Within graduate medical education, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires residents to participate in quality improvement and patient safety programs. Many programs have expressed difficulty implementing and sustaining quality improvement (QI) initiatives due to limited faculty education.

The Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) serves to develop educational offerings at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced learning levels. The Institute's aim for this educational initiative is to develop a curriculum to educate BCM affiliated faculty on quality improvement and patient safety principles to educate trainees, model effective care, promote high value quality care, and ensure a culture of patient safety.

We believe the academic mission of innovation and scholarship can be advanced across all faculty QI training levels.

Faculty Opportunities


As part of the Institute's initiative to train faculty, support innovation, and promote scholarship in quality improvement (QI) and patient safety, we seek qualified applicants to serve as QI Coaches for faculty or trainees involved in QI-related activities being conducted at our BCM-affiliated institutions. A "Call for Coaches" will be announced when applications are open. Click to Learn More.

Course Listings

BeginnerQI Foundations: The Basics

The overall educational goal of this set of online, self-paced, learning resources for basic QI foundations is to provide knowledge and skills in the science of improvement and patient safety to enable everyone, regardless of their role, to actively participate in quality improvement at the department level within their institution. Click to Learn More.

Medium CourseQI Jump Start (Intermediate Course)

The overall educational goal of this intermediate-level training course is to provide faculty with exposure and hands-on experience in quality improvement. The course is designed for individuals with an introductory knowledge of the concepts of quality improvement and patient safety, but who would benefit from hands-on experience in applying the learned principles to improve their healthcare practice and to mentor trainees. We do not recommend this course for faculty who require a more advanced training program, such as faculty who are leading QI initiatives or have senior administrative roles.  Click to Learn More.

Leader CourseLeading Healthcare Improvement (Advanced Course)

The overall educational goal of this advanced leadership training course is to develop leaders of interprofessional improvement teams within their clinical settings. The course emphasizes leading healthcare improvements and innovations with an implementation strategy that combines quality improvement or change management techniques. The sessions are designed for individuals with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the concepts of quality improvement and patient safety, and who have or will have responsibilities for leading quality improvement initiatives or have other relevant senior administrative roles. Click to Learn More.


Conference ImageBCM Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference

The annual conference, hosted by Baylor College of Medicine, seeks to educate learners on topics such as care coordination, health information technology to reduce errors, professionalism to improve patient safety, quality improvement in an ambulatory setting, and ethical concerns with quality improvement projects.

The upcoming 6th Annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference is scheduled for April 25, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Registration is required (no fee). Online registration is open until Sunday, April 21. Click to Learn More and Register.

Read about the recent transition in conference leadership and its original and future goals.

Past Offerings and Videos

Bootcamp Te4Q 2016_12_01

AAMC - BootCamp

The AAMC BootCamp took place December 1 - 2, 2016 at Baylor College of Medicine. The goal of this course was to provide clinicians and clinician-educators with the basics of quality improvement and patient safety (QI/PS) in a relaxed and informal manner, introducing them to key concepts by using educational techniques that may then be applied in the clinical learning environment. Accompanying handout materials, resources, and tools are available to authenticated users.

TE4Q Workshop Group PhotoAAMC - Te4Q Workshop

The AAMC Te4Q Workshop took place November 9 - 10, 2017 at Baylor College of Medicine. The goal of this course was to equip faculty to lead, design, and evaluate effective learning in quality improvement/patient safety (QI/PS) across the continuum of health professional development. Accompanying handout materials, resources, and tools are available to authenticated users.