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QI Project Registry: Access Request Form

THIS FORM IS USED TO REQUEST ACCESS TO THE QI PROJECT REGISTRY. Requests may be submitted by faculty, staff, or trainees associated with a BCM-affiliated institution, who is interested in using the QI Project Registry, but does not have (or is uncertain whether they have) a BCM Enterprise Computing Account (ECA).

All access requests submitted through this form are considered and approved on an individual basis. Please allow approximately 2 – 3 business days to receive a response and for your access to the QI Project Registry to be setup, if approved. Decision notifications will be sent to the email address provided with your submitted form.

For any questions or assistance, use the Contact Us Form or send an Email.

NOTE: All members of the Baylor College of Medicine community may access the QI Project Registry by using their BCM ECA credentials to sign in, where prompted. If you have a BCM ECA, you do NOT need to submit this form.

If you have a BCM ID number, please include it here.
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