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Our Team: QI Coaches

The Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (I-QIPS) is comprised of leaders from across the educational and clinical enterprise, bringing with them a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds in QI and patient safety. This expertise is carried over into interactive training courses developed and offered by I-QIPS, strategically designed to enrich the hands-on learning experience that is provided to course participants.

The training courses are conducted by course facilitators, who provide the educational content of the course sessions, and QI coaches, who lead breakout groups during the sessions, as well as provide guidance to course participants between course sessions regarding their QI projects and course assignments.

As part of its initiative to train faculty, support innovation, and promote scholarship in quality improvement and patient safety, the I-QIPS seeks qualified candidates to serve as QI Coaches for faculty or trainees involved in improvement-related activities conducted across BCM-affiliated institutions. The team of QI Coaches is selected via a formal application process. [Learn more...]