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QI Project Registry

The Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) was developed in 2018 to educate health professionals in the science of quality improvement to promote innovation, scholarship, advocacy, and better patient outcomes. To achieve this, the Institute has developed a QI project management system. The purpose of the web-based repository of college-wide QI initiatives is to:

  • Maintain a centralized location to catalogue QI work across BCM and its affiliates
  • Promote collaboration in QI and PS across the college
  • Identify projects/initiatives associated with trainees (students, residents, and fellows)
  • Engage trainees in QI initiatives
  • Promote alignment of faculty and trainee projects with institutional and affiliate clinical priorities
  • Catalogue QI scholarship
  • Permit clinical leadership to identify current projects in order to better identify talent and focus resources
  • Showcase local innovations from BCM clinicians
  • Meet accreditation requirements. The ACGME established the CLER Program to provide formative feedback to graduate medical education (GME) leaders and the executive leadership of the clinical learning environments (CLEs). To meet the institutional requirements for CLER, BCM has made trainee participation in a QI experience required. Having the opportunity to identify which projects have a learner associated with it, is essential and this QI depot can assist.
  • Support GME leadership and faculty preparations and readiness for CLER visits
  • Serve as a repository for Maintenance of Certification Portfolio Projects (ABMS MOC Part IV)

Coming in Late Fall