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QI Poster - Eligibility Criteria

Maintenance of Certification at BCM

For questions, please contact: BCM MOC Program


Who Can Request Credit

To determine your eligibility to request credit consideration for your QI Poster, review both sets of Eligibility Criteria below and verify whether all criteria have been met, as described:


For credit consideration, ALL stated poster eligibility criteria AND the below submission eligibility criteria must be met:

  • You must be a BCM or BCM-affiliated physician or physician assistant (PA), who is ABMS Board-certified (by a participating ABMS Member Board) or NCCPA-certified.

    Please Note: A non-BCM physician/PA, who is ABMS Board-certified/NCCPA-certified, is welcome to submit a request for credit consideration, provided that the improvement project featured on their poster involves a BCM or BCM-affiliated Project Lead. However, the physician/PA seeking credit should contact the BCM MOC Program for additional submission requirements and instructions.

  • Each physician/PA seeking credit must submit their own Attestation & Poster Submission Form; no team/group submissions accepted.

  • The QI activity featured in your poster:
    • has not been submitted previously by you for credit
    • was funded in compliance with ABMS Portfolio Program™ requirements regarding industry/commercial support*

*Any commercially supported QI efforts/activities or education-related interventions (that offer AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™) are deemed acceptable IF compliant with ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education (effective 01/01/2022), which replaced the former ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. As such and for those physicians/PAs seeking MOC Part 4 credit and to which this applies, the physician/PA is responsible for contacting the BCM MOC Program to discuss their intended QI effort in ensuring their understanding of and compliance with current ACCME standards, as well as for including all related and required documentation in this regard (per ACCME standards) when submitting QI activity/project information to the BCM MOC Program for their attention and processing for credit consideration.


For credit consideration, ALL stated submission eligibility criteria AND the below poster eligibility criteria must be met:

  • The presentation date of your QI Poster should be in the same calendar year for which you are seeking credit.
  • The QI Poster should reflect a clinical quality improvement (QI) effort/project. (Note: Clinical research projects are not eligible for credit.)
  • The reflected QI effort should be one that was conducted (partially or completely) within the past 12 months and includes at least one (1) full/complete Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle (not including baseline data collection).
  • All of the following elements are required and must be clearly indicated on your QI Poster being submitted for credit consideration:
    • Aim Statement/SMART Goal
    • Measures that are aligned to determine if change occurs and relate directly to the Aim Statement/SMART Goal
    • Interventions that have been aligned to impact the measures and were implemented into practice