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All applicants for the 2019 Call for QI Coaches have been notified of application decisions.


The BCM Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety serves to train faculty, support innovation, and promote scholarship in quality improvement and patient safety. As part of this initiative, the Institute seeks qualified candidates to serve as improvement coaches for faculty or trainees involved in QI-related activities being conducted across BCM and its affiliated institutions: Baylor Clinic (BCM Faculty Group Practice), Ben Taub Hospital, CHI St. Luke's Health/BSLMC, Harris Health, Texas Children's Hospital, Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital.

A QI Coach assists the Institute by coaching and facilitating improvement teams located at their clinical site, as well as by coaching and providing assistance during training courses offered by the Institute. Coaches will receive training from the Institute to advance their improvement capability and continually enhance their skills in successfully coaching and facilitating QI teams, while also supporting in parallel the implementation of improvement strategies being conducted throughout the College and its affiliated institutions.

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Given the primary nature of a QI Coach's role in providing coaching and guidance to teams or individuals who are engaged in QI education, innovation, or research projects, interested candidates must be able to commit to the following responsibilities, should they be selected as a QI Coach:

  1. Attend faculty development sessions offered by the Institute. Must attend at least two (2) faculty development sessions per academic year.

  2. Serve as a QI Coach for one of the following groups engaged in QI work at their clinical site: team, trainee, or faculty. Must coach at least one (1) of the noted groups per academic year. The Institute will notify each coach of their assigned group, as well as assist, if needed, with coordinating the coaching meetings with their group.

  3. Serve as a QI Coach (workshop faculty) for a training course offered by the Institute. Must assist as a QI Coach for at least one (1) training course per academic year, which involves assisting with at least two (2) select workshop sessions for the respective course. Attendance at a “QI Coach Facilitator Training Session” (faculty development) offered by the QI/PS Institute is also required, in preparation for assisting with a given course. In this role, a coach provides assistance by leading breakout activities, as directed by the course instructor, during the course. For example, during a workshop session, they provide small-group coaching on improvement projects being conducted by the learners in the course, and they also may provide similar coaching or guidance to the learners between workshop sessions, as needed, to prepare them for their next scheduled session.


The Institute's team of QI Coaches are selected via a formal application process. When applications are open, a "Call for Coaches" announcement is posted on the Institute's website (including this page), as well as announced through various communication venues across BCM.


In order for an application to be eligible for consideration, it must be fully complete at the time of submission, received by the application deadline, and from a qualified candidate. A qualified candidate is an applicant was has completed at least one (1) formal quality improvement project from its conception to completion AND who meet at least one (1) of the following conditions:

  • Has successfully completed formal training in quality improvement at the intermediate to advanced level (such as the QI Jump Start intermediate-level training course or the Advanced Quality Improvement [AQI] program at TCH)

  • Has at least one (1) year of proven experience in coaching or consulting on quality improvement projects

Interested applicants who meet the criteria described are considered eligible to submit an application. However, the criteria serve only as a general guideline when considering whether to apply for the role of QI Coach. Please be advised that eligibility does not guarantee that an application will be selected. All final decisions are made by and at the discretion of a designated review committee.


Eligible applications are carefully considered through a holistic review process. Many factors are considered and taken into account when evaluating each application, including its assessment in the context of the entire applicant pool.

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