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QI Coaches

Selections have been made and applicants have been notified accordingly.

As part of the Institute's initiative to train faculty, support innovation, and promote scholarship in quality improvement (QI) and patient safety, we seek qualified applicants to serve as coaches for faculty or trainees involved in QI-related activities being conducted at our BCM-affiliated institutions: Harris Health, VA, TCH, BSLMC, and the Baylor Clinic (Faculty Group Practice).

A QI Coach provides mentorship in at least one (1) of the following areas:

  • Education (e.g., curriculum development, workshop facilitation, development of training materials)
  • Innovation (e.g., conducting QI projects, initiatives, or activities in the clinical settings)
  • Research (e.g., preparing posters, presentations, manuscripts; assisting in research design)

If you are interested in participating as a QI Coach and meet the participation requirements listed below, please consider submitting an application during the next Call for Coaches (even if you are not able to commit to doing so at that time, so that we are aware of your interest). When applications are open, a notification will be posted on this website, as well as announced across various communication venues across the College.


We seek qualified candidates to provide coaching to teams or individuals who are involved in QI education, innovation, or research.

Interested candidates should be able to:

  1. Provide QI mentorship in at least one (1) of the following areas: education, innovation, or research.
  2. Serve as a QI Coach for at least one (1) of the following per academic year: team, trainee, or faculty engaged in QI work at your clinical site. Institute staff will assist with coordinating these meetings.
  3. Attend two (2) faculty development sessions per academic year. (Dates TBA)
  4. Serve as Workshop Faculty for a course offered by the Institute. Workshop Faculty are required to attend at least two (2) of the course sessions and provide assistance in leading breakout activities for the sessions.

For questions, please contact: