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Capstone Project: Submission Instructions

Certificate of Added Qualification in Healthcare Improvement (CAQHI) Program

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About the Capstone

As the final required step of the Certificate for Added Qualification in Healthcare Improvement (CAQHI) Program, an advanced-level certificate program, each enrolled learner is responsible for completing and submitting one (1) healthcare improvement capstone project.

The successful completion of the capstone project is based on the continuity of the project (in its development and implementation) across both of the CAQHI Program-required courses, as well as based on the stated overall CAQHI Program Criteria for Completion, including the items specified in the capstone Requirements and Criteria section below.

Capstone Submission Process

Submitting Your Capstone Project (2-Step Process)
After ensuring that your capstone project aligns with the stated project requirements described below, follow the below steps to submit your completed project:

  1. Complete each item listed in the Submission Requirement section.
  2. Submit the online Capstone Submission Form by the deadline indicated below (unless otherwise instructed). A direct link to the submission form is provided to enrolled CAQHI Program learners at the conclusion of Course 2: Leading Healthcare Improvement. In completing the form, you will be prompted to enter/upload the submission items you prepared in Step 1 above.


The deadline for your Capstone Submission Form is based on the CAQHI Program offering/group in which you are enrolled.

To view YOUR assigned submission deadline: 1) SELECT from the below list the specific CAQHI Program group in which you have been enrolled, and 2) REFER to the Capstone Project section, where your respective submission deadline and other important capstone information is provided.

If you are uncertain about which group in which you have been enrolled, please contact the I-QIPS Team.

Requirements and Criteria

Project Requirement

The completed capstone project should be leadership-approved and a culmination of the learner's applied learning over the term of the certificate program.

Further, the project should include at least one (1) full/complete Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle (not including baseline data collection), and data from the PDSA cycle must be presented in the required abstract submission described below.

Submission Requirement

Each of the below items are required and must be included with the capstone project submission (entered/uploaded where prompted on the Capstone Submission Form noted above).

  • QI Project Registry: The capstone project must be registered in the BCM I-QIPS QI Project Registry at the start of Course 1 (QI Jump Start), with ongoing project updates recorded in the registry across the duration of the certificate program: Course 1, Course 2 (LHI), and through project completion/close-out. Individualized coaching, based on the projects entered in the registry, is provided to the learners throughout the duration of each course. ALL sections and data fields of the QI Project Registry must be fully completed for the respective capstone project, at the time of its submission.

    TIP: The following information from the QI Project Registry regarding the registered capstone project will be needed for the submission form: Project Title, Project Implementation Location, Project ID #, and Project Link (URL). I-QIPS leadership may access the QI Project Registry to view submitted capstone projects.
  • Abstract: The completed capstone project should be submitted as a 500-word abstract, and the abstract must include the following components: Background, Relevance/Impact, SMART Aim/Goals, Methods/Interventions, Results, and Conclusions/Implications.

    These components are described more fully in the evaluation rubric provided with the Capstone Submission Form.

  • Optional Figure: One (1) optional figure may be included in the submission, if applicable.
Evaluation Criteria

The submitted healthcare improvement capstone project (abstract) will be evaluated based upon the rubric provided with the Capstone Submission Form.